How to Get Rid of Bee Hives or Bees From Home?

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Bees and beehives are commonly seen at home. These are small creatures that sting you and cause a lot of discomfort. Getting rid of them alone is difficult as they are dangerous. However, you can contact local pest control for the best results. This article highlights steps to get rid of bee hives. Let’s dive in! 

Ways To Get Rid Of Bee Or Bee Hives 

1. Leave bees alone 

It’s best to stay away from provoking insects that can sting. Most bee species only sting when they perceive a threat to their hive or queen. Remaining at a distance lessens the likelihood of an irate swarm. Usually, a swarm of bees would congregate around the bush, or post (a doorpost, fence post, etc.). The chance of getting stung should decrease if you avoid this area.

2. Identify the entry point 

Determine the bees’ entry point if the hive is within your house. Don’t try to shut off the hive’s access, though, as this can allow the bees to escape into other parts of your house.

3. Do not use sprays 

Trying to spray the hive or attempting to trap the bees is alluring. Before you proceed, consider the potential consequences. Bee eradication is challenging for several reasons; one is that the EPA has prohibited using numerous widely available insecticides near bees. It is, therefore, forbidden to use these items on bees. When using a trap, you eventually must eliminate a container of insects. Moreover, the remaining bees in the hive will remain a problem if your trap cannot catch them all.

4. Remove traces of bee hives

If bees are in your walls or other areas of your house, such as your attic, are you unsure what to do? Make sure to tidy up after them. Honey and other residues left by bees in walls or cavities can attract animals and certain insects. Remove any remaining honeycomb, fix any damaged walls, and seal any openings that bees utilize to enter your house to stop a bigger issue.

5. Get in touch with professionals 

If you constantly see bees or bee hives in your home, contact the professionals to get rid of them. These professionals have equipment that can easily remove bee hives from your home. 

Wrapping Up 

By following these steps, you can get rid of bee hives easily. Hiring professionals for the best services is highly recommended.

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